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I discover the world through visual storytelling

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My name is Rachel. I am a Colorado-based Videographer with a focus in editing and interest in Documentary and Non-Profit Video work. I have a passion for capturing things that inspire me, and finding authenticity in my daily life through meaningful conversations with others. I find power in storytelling and its ability to bridge gaps using empathy and connection through shared experiences.

Recently I graduated from Elon University with a degree in Cinema and Television Arts and minor in Women and Gender Studies. Through Elon I was able to gain experiences in video production, photography, brand promotion, social media marketing, and qualitative and quantitative research.

When I’m not holding a camera or messing with Premiere (rare few moments), I’m looking for a new path to hike, city to visit, or Pad Thai to taste. I welcome your recommendations on all three!

Rachel is passionate about:


Her Hiking Boots


Tracking down the best local cuisine

Women’s health


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